Gallery Starter.

Enhance your art buying experience


paid annually (or $149/mth paid month-to-month)


  • Generate AR Visuals for Store Artworks
  • Publish AR Art Directly to Product Pages with One-Click
  • Match Art Frame Profiles, Mounting, & Size Options
  • Automate Creation of AR Art Direct to Product Pages
  • Integrates With Your Existing Gallery Theme, Branding & Style
  • Allow Customers To Customize  & Instantly ‘View in AR’
  • Lifelike Art Representations to Enhance Art Sales
  • Batch Processing with a Single Click
  • Customize AR-3D Viewer Buttons on Product Pages
  • Set Up Product Defaults for Streamlined AR Management
  • No Need for 3D Modelling
  • Quick Setup with How-to Videos & Online Support
  • 30-Day Free Trial to Set Up, Test, & Launch when Ready

Gallery Plus.

Includes full installation


paid annually (or $279/mth paid month-to-month)

Includes All Starter Plan Features Plus:

  • Customised Art Frame Templates to match your existing frame options
  • White-Label Domain Masking
  • Priority Support & Installation included
  • Perfect for Larger Galleries

EXCLUSIVE OFFER for Gallery Plus:
Includes FREE INSTALLATION (Save $299)
  • Fast-track AR Features and Installation For Your Art Store
  • Full Setup and Configuration by Wall Art Viewer team
  • Configure Product Defaults for Size and Frame variants
  • Style any Art Frame Templates to Match Your Store Art Options
  • Connect Art Frame Profiles, Mounting, and Size Options ready to Output as AR Visuals
  • Setup AR-3D Viewer Buttons to Default Product Page
  • Dedicated Process and Timeframe for Installation
  • Dedicated Installation Manager
  • 4 Hours Onboarding & Handover

Installation Service Available

Fast-track AR Features and Installation For Your Art Store

Frequently asked questions.

Our team has identified the importance of streamlining the installation process for our amazing art community. The Wall Art Viewer team will handle the installation and configuration of the app, ensuring that your gallery is ready for review and approval. We will set up and align your art frame, mounting and product variant defaults with art template replicas, and if necessary, we can update or customize new art templates based on your specific requirements. Once the setup is complete, we provide full training to easily onboard you on how to use Wall Art Viewer AR.

Certainly! During the trial period, you have the option to purchase the $99 installation offer. This will allow you to ensure that everything is set up correctly and so that you can test some products. Once you're ready, you can activate one of our paid plans and start converting your artworks to your live site.

Absolutely. All plans come with online support.

Absolutely! We understand that your requirements may vary over time, and our plan options are here to assist you in adapting. We aim to provide cost effective solutions that cater to your growth, engagement, and sales needs.

Utilizing Art-to-AR conversions allows for the transformation of static art images into augmented reality visuals.

This automated process takes seconds to complete and eliminates the expense and effort required for manual 3D modelling.

Resulting in art that is correctly framed and presented in an accurate and proportional format, capturing every intricate detail.

Your customers will be able to easily view these visually enhanced augmented reality 3D representations.

One (1x) Art-to-AR conversion equals 1 product variant.

Let's say you have an artwork available in 3 different sizes. In this case, you will need 3 Art-to-AR conversions, one for each size.

Our packages include a variety of pre-loaded Art-to-AR conversions as a bonus to assist you in setting up your gallery right from the start.

Yes, absolutely! At any given time, you can conveniently obtain more Art-to-AR conversion credits at a flat rate that is designed to make your experience hassle-free.

Yes. Wall Art Viewer is purpose-built to handle your many size, art frame and mounting options.

No need to worry about the technicalities, just focus on selling! With Wall Art Viewer, all the hard work of perfectly representing each artwork is taken care of for you.

No need for apps. Enjoy a seamless browsing experience directly on your website, boosting engagement and sales effortlessly.

Our AR art frame templates precisely mirror the appearance of your physical art frames. They are smart, reusable, and automatically resize when you upload and apply artwork using the Wall Art Viewer.

When a customer selects a particular size, frame style, or mounting option, Wall Art Viewer will precisely showcase the artwork in AR to enhance their personalized shopping experience of your online gallery.

Absolutely, that's why we offer them.

The Wall Art Viewer team are skilled at reproducing frame profiles, complete with mounting options, frame finishes, and other fine details to ensure an accurate life-sized replication of your art in AR.

Absolutely. Art Frame Templates provide merchants with the means to replicate and deploy art in AR with little or no effort.

With just one click, you can easily add unlimited artworks to a single art template. This means you can create all the sizes and variations on your store without having to spend time on 3D modelling each one.

They are magic!